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Mapix™ Chartplotter and Navigation Tool for Android

New Version 1.06!

Mapix is a Marine Chartplotter App for use on Android™ devices. This site contains About the Florida Keys Version

To install Mapix For The Keys,

  1. Browse to this page from your Android device,
  2. Click on "Download a Free Version..." above. It will be downloaded to your "Downloads" folder on your device.
  3. Go to "Downloads" on your device and click on the downloaded APK (MapixForTheKeys.apk) to complete installation.
  4. If your device refuses to install Mapix, you may have to give it permission. Open your "Settings" screen, tap on "Security", and check the box that allows installation from sources other than Google Play. This is typically labelled "Unknown Sources".

A Visual Catalog of Charts Available for Mapix
Available charts are shown as thin red rectangles. This page needs a mouse so it's best viewed on your home computer. You can view the Chart Number and Description of a chart by clicking on the small, purple square at the top-left of the chart of interest.

The Full Version of Mapix
The full version of Mapix which operates anywhere in North America can be purchased at the Google Play store for $3.99

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