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Mapix - Florida Keys Version

The Florida Keys version of Mapix is a customized version for the Florida Keys and surrounding waters.

In particular, this version is limited to the approximate region from Key Largo to westward of the Dry Tortugas and Key West, and about 40 miles northward and southward from the Keys. More specifically, it will operate within the following geographic region:

Outside this region, Mapix will operate normally with the exception that the GPS will report that no position fix is available.


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Some charts you might be interested in while boating in the Keys include
411.1 Gulf Of Mexico
11013.1 Straits Of Florida
11120.1 Havana To Tampa Bay
11434.1 Sombrero Key To Dry Tortugas
11438.1 Dry Tortugas
11438.2 Dry Tortugas Harbor
11439.1 Sand Key To Rebecca Shoal
11441.1 Key West and Approaches
11445.1 Bahia Honda to Sugarloaf
11446.1 Sugarloaf to Key West
11447.1 Key West Harbor
11448.1 Big Spanish Channel to Johnston Key
11449.1 Matecumbe to Grassy Key
11450.1 The Keys
11452.1 Alligator Reef to Sombrero
11453.1 Grassy Key To Bahia Honda
11464.1 Blackwater Sound to Matecumbe


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Mapix - Florida Keys Version